Fine Italian leather bags and silk scarves

Due to temporary closing of Lavinella’s suppliers In Italy, please note that we’ll only ship to private boutiques. For the internet deliveries we’ll announce when shipping is possible. Some of the Lavinella’s handbags can be found in Anthropologie stores in US and Canada and at the Cavendish Mall at the fashion boutique GLOBAL GURL. Many thanks!
Lavinella in a few words: soul, adventure, instinctive, aesthetic, artistic, creative, tradition, modern, very stylish and unique.
Lavinella addresses to women and girls with a certain taste and a particular background. We wanted to build not just a brand but a real concept around it. People that love artisanal, not mass-market products, that give importance to details, that love arts, literature, music, that want to be different, even owning customized products, with strong personality, people able to recognize the real beauty without being snob or radical chic. Our customers are from all over the world. They have a very wide age range, from 16 to 70 years old. They’re students, lawyers, designers, directors, CEOs, actors, artists, musicians, famous people or very simple people. It doesn’t matter, the most important thing is not what you do but what you are.

We don’t follow seasonal or temporary fashion trends, we really think style is something you can only recognize once you see it. We are inspired by good music, nature, a good piece of art or literature and beauty in all its expressions. Our products are carefully selected by experienced buyers for luxury brands so there is no risk that our products will not please you. In fact, many customers, after receiving the first shipment, return to our on-line store right away to purchase more items.


A well dressed and stylish woman needs fine accessories.

A stylish woman doesn't have to be "trendy".

She doesn't care about trends, she gets noticed for her uniqueness and elegance.

These are the convictions behind the project Lavinella, started in 2015 by the market need to introduce very fine Italian purses and silk foulards. Presently these items are only available in high-end boutiques and department stores at astronomical prices. Lavinella will bring you these items on line at very accessible prices, directly from the Italian suppliers.

We, at Lavinella, share the passion for hand crafted purses and silk foulards and the conviction that style is something that you can only recognize once you see it and it has nothing to do with temporary fashion. The items sold by Lavinella will last a lifetime and can be transmitted from generation to generation.

We have clients that instead of buying a bouquet of flowers will buy a beautiful and stylish silk scarf or leather handbag for different occasions: teacher’s appreciation, Christmas, Easter and birthday gifts. These items will be greatly appreciated for their uniqueness, style and versatility.

The idea behind Lavinella is to create  high quality and timeless leather bags and silk foulards with no compromise, thanks to a combination of tradition, precious leathers, very fine silk, true creative harmony and unsurpassed Italian craftsmanship.

Comfort and uniqueness are guaranteed by the carefully chosen leather and the care for details. Lavinella leather bags have an old-fashioned soul, but in a new way,  with a different twist, a natural mix between vintage taste and modern style.

They have a different and strong character you can recognize in every occasion.


Lavinella leather purses take much longer to manufacture than cheaper alternatives. Each bag is cut and finished by hand, to obtain highest quality, extremely durable. Only the best leathers coming from the most renowned Italian tanneries are utilized for the production of Lavinella purses.

The materials are accurately selected in order to provide the best in terms of style and durability and they are 100% made in Italy. The silk foulards are made by designers like Mila Schon, Laura Biagiotti and Marina D’Este. They are made using the finest Italian silk and the colors and patterns are impressive. A very simple outfit or dress can become very elegant and stylish just by wearing one of these scarfs.